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i will leave DA for a while. i don't know,
at the moment i just don't have any interesting
photos and stuff. and to be honest i actually
don't have time for photography.
i will keep uploading some pictures, but i
think that won't be many.
maybe after i had summer holidays there will
be some new photos... i don't know.

you'll get a cookie if you won't forget me! :cookie:


i didn't update my journal for a long time.
so, i am still online.
i don't have many photos at the moment. i just don't find anyone
who could be pretty on photos. that's frustrating. :(

i'm looking forward to july, there i'll do some photos
with my sister and i can't wait to show them public.

7 days left till my birthday! :aww:
i'll get some new things for my computer, so i can finally
use photoshop without any problems. yay!

and i still secretly adore nirrimi's photos. i love them.
i think i take a look at them everyday. :love:

vote for her…
she deserves it
(and a new camera for her means loads of new awesome photos)

- lena.
Dragonflies out in the sun
You know what I mean, don't you know
Butterflies all having fun
You know what I mean
Sleep in peace
When, ah, this day is done
And this old world
Is a new world
And a bold world
For me...
And I'm feeling good.

god, i love this song.…

it's long ago, but yet still, when i go
into the empty house i could cry,
i still cannot believe, i still feel
her around.

i never wish anyone those feelings.
losing a person you love, someone
who just belongs to the family.
someone who really cared about you
and showed you wonderful things in
but that's life - we all live till death.

just had to tell someone how i feel,
thank you.

lovely greetings from the baltic sea,
i love to be on holiday here.
the weather is just amazing, warm and sunny, and
i love the beautiful things around here.

so you can look forward to lots of photos. (:
- L.

so, some of my friends told me that some ppl stole photos from my website.
actually i disabled the mouse click on the viewer, but it seems like with vista you still can download the photos.
(well yeah, you still can make a screenshot, but then it's not fullsize)
so atm my website isn't online till i found a new method.
maybe i will have a more visible watermark on my photos, then.

some people i don't know said my macro shots were theirs, but i could argue with the original picture on my camera.

thank you. :heart:

My most viewed Deviation, the Carlisle Cullen Wallpaper got deleted.
This time I thought it would stay in my gallery,
but on Sunday I got a notice that they deleted all Twilight stuff again. ):
Oh well. :shrug:

umg, just noticed I didn't update my journal for 1 month oO.
shame on me.
I did a lot of photoshoots in that month and I'm kinda happy with the results.
I want summer though. My friends already planned where to do more photos. The wrote down nice locations. I hope we really do this.
On Monday I have a commission from school. I have to photograph a job interview. O:
2 of my friends will write a report for the newspaper and then the teacher asked me to take the photos.

Any ideas or wishes you want me to do?
I'm so bored and I'm running out of ideas D:

love u all :blowkiss:

Ok, so, now I deleted all wallpapers, signatures etc with copyright.
I don't want any trouble, though I want you to show all my new ones!

My family talked about copyright infringement - my dad even sais that the book quotes (photography) are copyright infringement. :(

Oh well :shrug:
I'll keep up taking photos.

When I read this article, I was like :x
Oh nooooooo.

Neeeever. I so hate their music! ):

What about some great singers or bands? Why do they always have to choose Disney stars? x_____x

Your opinion?

:iconangellover4eva: & :iconaleeshii-chic:
tagged me.

The rules:
1. Post these rules.
2. You have to post eight things about yourself.
3. At the end, you have to choose and tag eight people and post their icons on the same journal.
4. Go to their pages and send a message saying you tagged them.
5. No tag-backs.

La la la.

1. I love slumber parties with my girls.‹3
2. Sometimes I wish I had a boyfriend. :aww:
3. I love cats. And dogs. ... all animals!
4. Tell me what you want, I definitely have to laugh. I laugh alot!
5. I looove photography. (I've got my camera for 1 month and I alreday took more than 5,000 pictures oO
but I just like about 50 of them.)
6. I'm shy. I talk alot at home, but in public my mouth is always shut x:
7. I lvoe to write stories. In English.
8. I'm German, but I wish I was English or even American.

I tag:
:iconpinkcat94: :iconjustdream94: :iconlittlemisstwilight: :iconlikeadream93: :iconphotographyispassion: :iconhennilovesphotos: :icona-pie: & :iconpmiow:
Have fun. :D
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Thaaaank you, my Decode Chucks are popular all time if you look for "Decode"

It's my most viewed and faved Deviation, I hope it'll be my first with 1000+ views :aww:

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I will upload a few photos friends and
me did in fun shoots. They're quite not
perfect, neither am I... So please just
enjoy them :P

Last week was awful, and so is the new
So excuse me that I didn't upload anything
the last time - except the "Mountain lion."

That was all I had to say,
thank you :blowkiss:
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Please help me!
As you already should have noticed, I loove to take photos of quotes.
And I want to make more & more & more...
But I don't know any more.

If you have any ideas please tell me.
If I'll do any photos of your ideas I will credit you in the description with a huuuge thankyou. :heart:

Just tell me the quotes and the page & the book of course :)

Thank you :blowkiss:
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3 words:

OH MY G...EDWARD!!! :excited:

It was soo awsome - this movie is made of awesomeness.
Omg, all girls (and boys! xD) were squealing, laughing and whispering.

I can't tell how hard I laughed at some scenes. I remember, my freinds couldn't stop laughing when Bella enters the biology class & Edward holds his nose... and Bella looks if maybe she smells bad.. xD

The cinema was so overcrowded. But it seemed like everyone liked each other, we talked to people we didn't even know.
The German synchron voices were absolutely perfect. I fell in love with Edward's and Carlisle's voice.
Sooo great.

I want to see it again. And again. And again. [...]
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Yay, Taylor is staying!
I'm not a Jacob fan, though. But I hate when actors change in movies. You already have Taylor's face in front of your eyes when you think about Jacob - and then there should be another actor? No way.

But Vanessa Hudgens for Leah?
I thought I misunderstood.
She's pretty - but I just don't like her. And I think she doesn't fit in a vampire story.
She's a Disney girl, and everytime I see her I have to think of High School Musical.
And these two movies don't have any similarities in that way.

Please don't hate me now if you like her. This was my opinion. (:

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Finally my Canon 400D arrived yesterday. I still have to learn.
But my friends promised to play models for me, so I will make a lot of awesome photos I hope.

School started today. Ugh. :(
I still have to do so much work. A biology, geography and education science presentations. That's why I don't have time to upload some arts atm. Sorry for that.

But it seems like I have a bit of luck, though.
A project in school is something with our hobbies, so I will choose photography of course.
Let's see what turns out.

Only 5 days left for me until I finally see Twilight:heart::heart::heart:
Official release date is 15th of January, but I will go to the premiere on the 12th.
It's pretty late for me (8 pm). I will be home at 11/12 pm. And then the next day I will have to write a test and give a talk. yuck...
Edward will help me ;D

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I won't be able to be online tonight to wish you a happy new year-so I decided to do it now. And because of the time zones it's also hard to wish everyone a happy new year on time :sweat:

Happy new year everyone! :blowkiss:

I still haven't got my Christmas present, seems like the mailing is still busy. I hope it arrives before my holidays end so I still have time to take and share photos.

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